Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Bunny Up!

Yes, indeedy, it's Valentine's Day once again...a wild and wacky time of year for us floral designers. No matter how much planning, designing and anticipating we all do, it never fails - so many gents wait until the last minute to get flowers ordered. Thankfully, I have a high level of tolerance for this Y-chromosone behavior and know it always comes down to the last minute. It's a bit of a gamble but by some sort of Jedi-knight-magic, I manage to get every last flowery bloom sold. Obi Wan has taught me well.

I have a sweet theme in the works this Valentine's Day weekend...check back Saturday to view our creative efforts. And, lucky me, I even have 2 very special guest elves coming to work in the studio, yessss! And...guys, if you are reading this...deadline for orders is Thursday evening. Got it?

Good, now get on it - your lovely lady is worth it.

For San Diego orders, please contact:


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