Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi, my name is Adrianne and I am a ribbonoholic

Word! San Diego wedding season is in its full summer swing once again, and although the bride is hands down the VIP du jour, her sassy sidekicks should never be overlooked. After all, they have probably seen her through just about everything! You know, the usual stuff -from braces and the ugly, pimply adolescent years to studying abroad and moving into her first apartment. Yikes, don't even forget bad boyfriend breakups #1-10! Better get these saintly sistahs clad in well-deserved, well-made, colorful attire. Some of my faves include: http://www.simpledress.com/ , http://www.ariadress.com/ and www.jcrew/AST/Browse/WeddingParties/Wedding_Bridesmaid/dresses.jsp

Thankfully, at this wonderful time of year, bridesmaid dresses come in a sprightly array of colors. Saturated sunflower yellows, aquamarine blues, grassy clover greens, rum punchy pinks - all perfect choices for glowy summertime skin. Their bouquets also must make a special statement. That is where I come in - complimenting their zesty attire/flowers with the perfect ribbon wrapped around the stems. I must confess, I have boatloads of the stuff. I am a ribbon junkie. There is no easy fix. French wired, velvet, double face satin, ombre, vintage, grosgrain and silk, don't get me going - the beast within emerges and credit cards go mad! Oh no, here come the voices again, make them stop! Where is that soup Nazi guy from Seinfeld when I need to be denied..."No ribbon for you!"


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For reals?

For reals?? Yes, seriously - 500 stems of hydrangea!!! Our studio was packed with the prettiness of garden roses, peonies, China mummies, too....aaah! Voluptuous full blooms are what set the stage for Alissa and Zach's vintage Victorian wedding at the Hotel Del Coronado http://www.hoteldel.com/ . Washed out pastels of champagne, blush, apricot, creamy whites, soft pink and subtle greens were the perfect match for the historic setting. The chuppah was quite an endeavor for my team and I. We designed and constructed an awning style canopy off the existing courtyard gazebo that complimented the hotel's garden surroundings. And, lucky me - snap happy Paul Barnett http://www.barnettphoto.com/ was on the job - GREAT images! He is one of San Diego's best wedding photographers and always a hoot and a half to work alongside. Miryam Seid, a recent addition to our fine city from New York, planned all the details perfectly, this gal's got style and then some. Get to know HER! And, the sweet and very talented Erika Firm of Delphine http://www.delphine.com/ provided stunning letterpress invitations and escort cards with a quaint leafy motif...a great touch. Did I forget anyone else?? Yes - duh, and the gals at CAKE! http://www.fabcakes.com/ created a dreamy cake with large "scales" of white chocolate...it was quite unique and a thrill to decorate with peonies, spray roses and, or course, our last stems of hydrangea. Here's to the bride and groom!

(BTW - If you made it this far in my gushy, rambling post...latest greatest news just in, my lovely friend Rachel called a moment ago, she and Peter are engaged!!! XO to you both!!!)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Springing forward

With daylight savings being just a few days away, something fantastic has also re-set its seasonal clock around here. The abundant winter rain that dumped this year made our funky succulent-ed entry really bust out with big time juiciness! Once shriveled jade plants, aeoniums, echevarias and aloes are now thick, thriving and fat with moisture. And, along with their new found lust for life, these plants are also hosting a variety of critters. My darling cat "Bones" (aka "Itty Bitty"- not so bitty any more) has made many new chewy friends and has thoughtfully introduced them to the rest of the household; usually when and where we least expect it. Examples - like right after dinner, or at 2:30am via the bedroom window (over my side of the bed, of course) or placed orderly next to my gym bag where her victim lays maimed, wiggly or dead as a door nail.

Her favorite new friends include: earthworms, some up to 6" long; alligator lizards, usually missing a limb and/or tail and the real fun novelty of late is a 3" long potato bug, ewww! This link should do the trick for those unfamiliar with this elusive, mysterious bug-thing... http://uploadwikipedia.org/wikipedia/ommons/1/1e/mahogany_Jerusalem_cricket.jpg . Darwin, my friend, I guarantee our crazy coastal niche would have impressed you!

But seriously now - cats, critters and natural selection aside, the important thing to share with my blog followers is that I often harvest succulents from our rain-soaked front yard. I find they make a fine ingredient in many a floral recipe. From boutonnieres to centerpieces - their effect is stunning, surprising and always invites both touch and comment. Heck, talk about shopping "local', eh? Lucky me! Oh, and my cat too. Photo courtesy: http://www.barnettphoto.com/


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Window shop

Whenever I need new ideas for floral creations, I look to window displays. In college, my favorite art classes were Color Theory and Exhibition Design...so no surprise that I find new color trends in their retail settings down right fascinating. Some people watch gobs of TV (my husband refers to this gizmo as the box with the little people inside), I watch out for color relationships -everyday! Yes, I totally agree, nerd alert.

One of my favorite places in Southern California to go "window shopping" is Anthropologie http://www.anthropologie.com/ . For those not familiar, this is a women's apparel/home furnishings store specializing in the modern-bohemian-chic aesthetic...amazing textiles, fashion designs, unique jewelry/accessories and inspired store displays. Beyond the impressive use of color, their merchandising gurus often focus attention on repetitive textures and shapes. Last week when I saw their recent display utilizing two other of my favorite things - recycled products and bicycle wheels - I blew a micro chip getting super snap happy with my little green camera (ask my pretty gal pal, Dawn - think I may have embarrassed her!). The tops of plastic water bottles were cut into flower blossom shapes, then airbrushed and splattered with mixed pastel colors , then layered and mounted on to chrome rims and spokes of old bicycle wheels. And then lastly, layered upon themselves...so damn clever!!! Check this YouTube video to get the gist of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBmXMol9Qus

I have always wanted to teach art. Perhaps someday my crazy class will be called 'Color Theory - Recycle Scratch and Sniff 101' - a course combining light industrial design, recycled goods, methods & materials and lots of glorious colorama! Are you in or are you out?

Auf Wiedersehn,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Channeling my inner Bollywood

Every time I eat Indian food something funny happens. Well, besides my brow perspiring from the punjab heat, I swear my type 'O' negative blood turns Hindi positive! That joyful song from "Slumdog Millionaire" goes off loudly in my head, my pasty pigment changes to a lush caramel-ish toffee color, I am clad in a fine silk sari (green, of course) and my wrists are jangling with copious silver bangles. Alas, I am awakened upon leaving the restaurant to the bland reality check: Adrianne, you are merely an American mutt, a mixed up specimen of German, English, Irish, French and Cherokee. Kind of hard to extract any inspired sensual experience from that bag, boo...courtesy of Mom and Dad's collective gene pools I suppose. Hmmm.

Thankfully, on occasion, I do luck into creating flowers for an Indian bride and/or groom. The jewel tones, spicy hues and unexpected textures of the culture really flip my global lid.
Event coordinator, Kelly Aull of Mint Weddings http://www.mintweddings.com/ brought 2 fine clients my way, Pamela and Craig...she being Indian and he, French Canadian and THEY = foodies! All the tables were named after exotic spices, so cool. Custom chocolates made with cardamom, chili and curry were abundant, while clove-spiked orange pomanders were placed on everything that stood still and don't get me going on about the cake - doi!! Artero Photography http://www.artero.com/ captured the event at the San Diego Natural Natural History Museum http://www.sdnhm.org/ where the most beautifully dressed Indian women of every age swirled about the dance floor - a rainbow blur of brilliant turquoise, saffron yellow, marigold orange and watermelon pink. Aaaaaaahhh, such magic!

May my next dinner at "Monsoon" transport me straight to a steamy Bollywood movie set via a creaky bamboo rickshaw with sassy mango lassi in hand. I could get used to that.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day - what's that?

Right, the questions of all questions...what is the origin of this lovey-dovey holiday?

Lets go back to 270 A.D. During this time the iron-fisted emperor, Claudius, was enlisting men to fight in his mighty, manly wars. These poor, sensitive male recruits, however, didn't wish to leave their sweethearts to wage battles in far away lands. This angered the feisty Claudius, hence he forbid any marriages to be performed and cancelled all engagements - the nerve!

Cue in Valentine, a popular and kindly priest, who secretly arranged marriages within his church. Claudius, armed with a anger for this sort of romantic, gooey disobedience, promptly jailed Valentine and sent these poor love struck men to fight in his bloody wars.

Here is where my little funky history lesson gets interesting. Now the People Magazine twist on all this was that while incarcerated, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter, hmmmm. He wrote her woozy, swoony, beautiful love letters signed, "from Your Valentine". Awwww! Basically, he made a martyr of himself...and, so naturally, he is known as the patron saint of lovers and for those wishing to marry. Hence, a holiday was born!

Sooooo, get on it love struck lads - a romantic expression speaks volumes! Got flowers? For San Diego ordering information, please send an email inquiry to: info@asmithfloral.com. We'll get you set up for sweet love this Valentine's Day.